Application Containers Portfolio 2019

Application Portfolio Overview

Gateway Monitoring

The Gateway Monitoring module aquires the gateway health data through WebSockets from the Gateway Configuration Services and provides it as JSON encoded payload. The routing configuration done by the gateway owner makes the data available to the local message bus in order to be consumed by 3rd Party Modules and/or to be transported to Gateway health data that is send to is made centrally available to be consumed as a WebSocket stream by customer services and applications. In this case the user can automatically visualize the data at the portal.

Gateway Configuration

This module connects to the Gateway Configuration Service trough HTTPS and exposes secure direct methods for the gateway configuration e.g. network interfaces, hostname, timer server settings, etc. The configuration can be done by integrating the Edge Platform ( or using the Edge Portal (

OPC UA Publisher

The OPC UA Publisher enables you to collect data from existing OPC UA servers and publish these to the local message bus and/or the Edge Pla tform. This modules handels multiple OPC UA server sessions, provides functionality to browse trees and monitor items. All data is provided as interoperable and easly to process JSON encoded messages.

Passive Mode PROFINET

The Passive Mode module listens to the PROFINET data traffic on the connected field network (OT network) and captures it without interference with the field communication. The gateway do not actively participate in the data traffic within the field network. The captured data can be then provided to 3rd Party Modules or sent to the Edge Platform so that it is then visualized in the Edge Portal or can be consumed by Customer Applications. The Passive Mode mode is configured and managed trough the Edge Portal.

Network Topology (PROFINET, EtherNet/IP)

The Network Topology module detects your real network structure (topology), all relevant node, interface and port information which are then provided as JSON encoded messages. This data can be routed by configuration to the local message bus to be consumed by a 3rd Party Module or the Edge Platform. If the user decides to send the data to the Edge Platform, then this data is streamed to the Edge Portal where it is visualized as shown in fig. A.

cifX Manager

Load firmware, provide fieldbus configurations and read IO-data from your Hilscher standard devices by using the cifX Manger module. By using this module you have full control over the fieldbus independent programming interface to netX-based hardware. The aquired IO-data can be then transported to 3rd Party Modules and the Edge Platform.

SAP IoT Connector

The SAP IoT Connector consumes the inputs from the Network Topology and the OPC UA Publisher modules. All network participants and thier identification parameters are automatically detected and matched with the corresponding digital twin that resides in the SAP Asset Intelligence Network (AIN). Possible changes in the network topology are instantly sent to the SAP AIN where incorrect components are recognized and displayed. The SAP IoT Connector enables you additionally to connect OPC UA Servers, select node items to monitor and transport this data continuously to the SAP Cloud Platform, all from a central point in the Edge Portal.

Siemens MindSphere Connector

The Siemens MindSphere Connector provides continuously a sequence of measurements (time series) produced by monitored items of OPC UA Servers trough the OPC UA Publisher to the Siemens MindSphere services. These measurements are automatically combined with the network topology and device identification data provided by the Network Topology module. In the Edge Portal the user can configure the endpoints of OPC UA Servers on his gateways. He is then able to browse the OPC UA trees and select which nodes he wants to monitor.



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