Ready to use containers

Acquire data from your field network easily.

netFIELD container

Container types

We distinguish between three types of containers: Standard Docker Container, Microsoft Edge Module, and netFIELD Application Container. With netFIELD OS you can run them all.

netFIELD container types

Container Portfolio

Speed up your data and analytics use case implementation by deploying ready to use containers. Containers can be easily deployed on your devices trough our platform. Each container is equipped with a user friendly web application which is seamlessly integrated as a plugin into the local Device Manager.

netFIELD container

netFIELD App PROFINET Topology

Monitor your network topology quickly and precisely to react immediately on changes and ensure compliance.

Detect your real network structure (topology), all relevant node, interface, and port information. This data is provided on the Message Broker for further processing by 3rd party applications.


Capture data from your PROFINET network without interference for your condition monitoring and advanced analytics.

Listen to the PROFINET data traffic on the connected field network (OT network) and captures it without interfering with the field communication. The device itself does not actively participate in the data traffic within the field network.


Configure Hilscher standard devices based on netX controller hardware and collect IO-data independent of your fieldbus.

Load firmware, provide fieldbus configurations and read IO-data from your Hilscher standard devices. With this container, you have full control over the fieldbus independent programming interface to netX-based hardware.

netFIELD App Edge Monitor

Monitor your device resource usage, disk/volume health, containers, and other relevant information.

Acquire device health data and use it for analysis, visualization or alerting. Gain transparency and take action to device performance and health.

netFIELD App OPC UA Client

Collect data from OPC UA servers for your condition monitoring and advanced analytics.

The netFIELD App OPC UA Client enables you to collect data from OPC UA servers and publish these to the local message bus and/or the Edge Platform. This container handles multiple OPC UA server sessions, provides the functionality to OPC browse trees and monitor items. All data is provided as interoperable and easy to process JSON encoded messages.

netFIELD App Platform Connector

Make local data centrally available in the Edge Platform and visualize it in the netFIELD Portal.

Transport data from the device message broker to the Edge Platform. At the Edge Platform, this data is exposed as a Web Socket Secure endpoint. You are free to configure which data topics are transported. Stream this data into analytics pipelines or realtime dashboards.

netFIELD App MQTT Broker

Create data pipelines between containers and integrate them with your applications.

Provide a high performance MQTT communication bus on your device to set up reliable data pipelines between multiple container applications.