Edge Solution Management

Bring intelligence to your plant with edge connectivity, a hybrid cloud and edge solution for the device and data management in the industrial internet of things.

netFIELD Solution

Field: Edge connectivity in your field device for collecting data and running intelligence in your shop floor

Platform: Single-point management for edge devices with end-to-end security and powerful open APIs

Application: Visualize and monitor data within the portal and deploy containerized software on edge devices


Make your device intelligent

Native edge connectivity in IO-Link devices

Integrate device intelligence easily with our netX- and netIOL-based chipset solutions. With edge-connectivity implemented directly in the field device, the need for a dedicated gateway is eliminated.

Deploy custom software

Modular software architecture

The innovative integration of gateways in field devices enable you to filter and acquire data from the field directly and make your cloud connectivity secure. Extend your device by deploying pre-built and custom containerized software modules.

Manage your devices

Powerful platform above the edge

Manage your edge devices and their software from one central and cloud-based portal. Accompany all stages of your product’s lifecycle through it’s digital representation in the platform.

Keep the data ownership

Secure handling of your data

Our solution is multi-client capable with a transparent organization and role management system. End-to-end security standards like OAuth, device certificates and TLS ensure highest security levels. In the end, you and your customer fully control, where the data belongs to.

Visualize and monitor data

Device data always at hand

Visualize industrial process data, gateway monitoring data and the network topology easily. Use the collected data for statistical analysis and troubleshooting. Make use of native OT/IT connectors that enable you to collect, process and analyze data.

Extend your business model

Solution distribution and Y-switch between device status and process data

Your data is the most valuable asset to build new services and enhance your processes. Open up Industry 4.0 business models. Distribute and use your own solution to your edge devices through our extendable platform.

How It Works

Business Model

netFIELD enables new business models for device manufacturers and plant operators

Device manufacturers can use the netFIELD Portal to market device-specific software, e.g. cloud applications in the analysis area. The platform also offers essential management and diagnostic functions for devices.

Via the netFIELD Edge Portal, plant operators gain insight into the field devices in their process - e.g. as topology representation or in the form of alarm and event messages - and can use services such as firmware updates or function upgrades on their devices.

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