Run Docker containers

Secure operating system for an intelligent edge.



Run containers

Containers are revolutionizing connected IoT devices, and netFIELD OS is the perfect match to run them.

Manage device

Manage your device locally with a web-based interface. It’s easy to administer storage, configure networks, and more.

Build to last

Build to survive in harsh environments like unexpected shutdowns with security in mind.

Easy to port

Based on Yocto Linux for easy porting to most capable device types across various CPU architectures.


Hilscher netFIELD OS is a secure operating system that makes it easy to program, deploy, connect and manage edge devices. Hilscher netFIELD OS extends the Linux kernel, with software libraries to securely connect operation technology like PLC, MES, Historians, Files or other on-premise systems with IT services like the netFIELD Platform. Our OS lets you innovate faster embracing container technologies managed from a central point or locally at the edge.

netFIELD OS Architecture
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